Sensei Harry Wilson 4th Dan

Discovered Shotokan Karate in 1974, where he studied under Enoeda Sensei and Tomita Sensei both from Japan, for many years. He also studied and trained for nearly 10 years under Sensei Ohta and was graded to 3rd Dan at Crystal Palace in 1994 by the late Sensei Enoeda 9th Dan.

Harry was club secretary at Marshall Street Dojo for many years and was responsible for the poster underground advertising for Sensei Enoeda, he also was involved in organising the posters for many of the Crystal Palace courses and played a small part in helping to organise the venue and voice over for Sensei Enoeda's & Sensei Ohta's Kata video's.

He became a long standing member (25years +) of the KUGB one of the Uk's foremost Karate organisations. He holds 3rd Dan certificates for JKA & KUGB,being awarded 4th Dan under SSK.

Through time, Harry Wilson was also highly privileged to have trained under some highly acclaimed and outstanding Shotokan Karate Instructors, like Sensei Ohta, Sensei Hashiguchi and trained alongside other senior Karate practitioners Craig Raye, Roy Tomlin, Garry Stewart, Jim Lewis, Rod Butler, Sue Waughman, Jim Kelly & Elywn Hall who have in turn, achieved great things in Shotokan Karate.

Course instructors have included British legends like Sensei Andy Sherry, Sensei Terry O’Neil, Sensei Steve Cattle and Sensei Bob Poynton , to name a few; as well as many distinguished guest instructors from the JKA in Japan.

To date Sensei Harry Wilson 4th Dan has trained and taught in traditional Shotokan Karate for 42 years.
Graded under Enoeda Sensei for 1st Dan JKA/KUGB
Graded under Enoeda Sensei for 2nd Dan JKA/KUGB
Graded under Enoeda Sensei for 3rd Dan JKA/KUGB
Awarded  / Graded  4th Dan SSK

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